Quick update

It’s been a while.  You’re wondering what’s been happening with fwrap.

Thanks to a sprint at SciPy 2010, fwrap is quickly gaining parity with f2py.  Fwrap doesn’t yet have interface files working (and it won’t for the first release); neither does it support ‘common’ blocks.  I’ve been focusing on F77-style function & subroutine functionality.

The main Fortran features currently supported:

  • All intrinsic scalar datatypes, including with literal integer kind parameters
  • Arrays of intrinsic types & literal kind params.
  • All dimension declarations (assumed shape, assumed size, explicit shape)
  • Runtime array dimension checking
  • Automatic type discovery

Fwrap has a pretty good testsuite in place, both unittests & integration tests.  They’re run frequently to ensure no regressions are introduced.

Kyle Mandli helped improve fwrap’s commandline interface during the fwrap sprint at SciPy 2010.  Those changesets have yet to be merged with the main repo, but when they are it will be a *big* improvement, and move fwrap much closer to the 0.1 release.  He also added logging functionality to fwrap and fparser — another big improvement.

I’ve been throwing some fairly big F77 (clawpack, lapack) and F90 (a UW-Madison inertial confinement simulation; thanks, Matt!) codebases at fparser to thresh out glaring bugs, and thus far I’ve been pleased.  No major problems, although I’d very much like to figure out how to test the AST generated by fparser for correctness.  Not sure how to do that yet.

Anyway, just a quick update.  Stay tuned!


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